Visit the University of South Florida – St. Petersburg Campus

Welcome to St. Petersburg, Florida!

University of South Florida, St. Petersburg campus (USFSP) is located near downtown St. Petersburg along Tampa bay. Also known as St. Pete, the area has a large number of local restaurants, shops and activities all within a short distance of USFSP.







These Legal Documents are needed when a child turns 18.
Preparing for college includes planning classes, housing, and items to purchase for success. One thing that some parents don't think of is the legal documents needed if the student gets sick or has an accident. When a child turns 18, they are legally responsible for...
You don’t have to buy everything for your student before move-in!
If you with students coming into the St. Petersburg, Florida area to live in a dorm, remember that there are a ton of stores local to the school. You don't need to have EVERYTHING to move in (although finding deals is good too!). For reference, there is a Target in...
Have you just graduated from High School? Read this!
Congratulations on your graduation! Be sure to request these documents for college admission as soon as possible! Your official high school transcript is due within two weeks of graduation! Be sure to request that your school submit final transcripts electronically to...
You’re Accepted to the USF Class of 2026! Now what?
Congratulations on your acceptance into the University of South Florida St. Petersburg! (Also known as USFSP). You're a Bull now! Now that you have finished your graduation activities, it's time to take the next step in the college process. You have received your...