Are you a new college student or parent of a new student in St. Petersburg, Florida?

We understand that living on a new college campus or attending classes in a new place can be challenging especially when you or your parents don’t know the area.

A Student’s Guide to St. Pete can help you become familiar with your new city and find restaurants, stores and services you may need.

I started this website as a mom of a new college student at the University of South Tampa, St. Petersburg (also knowns as USFSP). We realized there were not a lot of resources for students and parents for local businesses off campus and wanted to be able to share businesses as well as helpful information for new college families.

Information will be available for University of South Florida, St. Pete but please contact us if you would like to see other colleges represented.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions for new topics, recommendations or new colleges you would like to be added to our website. 

Vanessa Cox
Vanessa and Alex

Alex (Class of 2026) and Vanessa

College student meeting friends

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Local Businesses