You don’t have to buy everything for your student before move-in!

If you with students coming into the St. Petersburg, Florida area to live in a dorm, remember that there are a ton of stores local to the school. You don’t need to have EVERYTHING to move in (although finding deals is good too!).
For reference, there is a Target in Pinellas Park 15 minutes away, another Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy and Office Depot (plus more) in the Tyrone area 20 minutes away, a Walmart 12 minutes away & Publix is walking distance. There’s even a Costco 30 minutes away in Clearwater.

If you find items you want to have shipped to your student, be sure that the items will arrive after their move-in date so there are no issues. And remember that they will still be there and you can ship things after they get settled and realize what they really do need.

Here is a download from USF with their checklist of items recommended for moving in.


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