These Legal Documents are needed when a child turns 18.

by | Jun 3, 2023

Preparing for college includes planning classes, housing, and items to purchase for success. One thing that some parents don’t think of is the legal documents needed if the student gets sick or has an accident.

When a child turns 18, they are legally responsible for themselves in reference to financial and medical decisions even if they are still dependents. Before an 18 year old leaves home, it’s important to have legal documents prepared to allow the parent(s) to speak to healthcare providers and make decisions on the students behalf in case they are unable to do it for themselves or lack the maturity to make those decisions alone.

These documents may be needed in the case the college student has an emergency:

Health Power of Attorney

 This document is put in place to designate a person or people who can act as a healthcare proxy or agent to make medical decisions on their behalf.

The Health Power of Attorney:

  • Designates a person or people to make health care decisions if the child is incapacitated.
  • Makes choices about who provides the child’s care.
  • Avoids court-appointed guardians.
  • Controls end-of-life treatment decisions.

Finance Power of Attorney

The Finance Power of Attorney also known as a Durable Power of Attorney, designates a person or people to make financial decisions on behalf of the child.

 The Durable Power of Attorney allows the agents to:

  • Manage bank and investment accounts
  • Deal with credit cards and creditors
  • Interact with landlords and insurance companies
  • Carry out financial tasks for a child who is traveling or deployed
  • Manage student loans and financial aid. USF also offers the option for students to authorize parents to access student record information. More information can be found on the USF Privacy page

HIPAA Release Form

The HIPAA Release form is designed to cover all healthcare providers and allows them to share medical information to the agents/people designated on the form. 

You can prepare these documents yourself or with an attorney. Be sure to create the documents specific to Florida if you are out of state.

Another option would be to use Mama Bear Legal Forms to create these documents. This company was founded by an attorney who saw the need to create these legal documents for college students leaving home. These documents are more reasonably priced than having them prepared individually by your attorney and you can have the correct forms prepared for the state the student will be attending college. 

We used this website ourselves to create the Young Adult Power of Attorney documents and it only took about 10 minutes to prepare plus the time it takes to get them witnessed/notarized (as needed). They also have added an app that can be installed on the student’s phone to have the documents on hand at all times as well. 

The process was so easy, I decided to become an affiliate for the website and share with my readers. 

Right now, if you input the code Guide2MamaBear during checkout, you will receive 20% off the young adult power of attorney or will package

Visit Mama Bear Legal Forms for more information or to set up your legal forms. 

Mama Bear Legal Forms
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